Lawrence Montaigne

             A VULCAN ODYSSEY is a true story.  It is set in the background of forty years in the entertainment field, both in the U.S. and abroad.  New York born and raised in the Jewish ghetto of Rome, Italy,  Lawrence and his family returned to America just one step ahead of the fascist movement in Europe.

            Upon the completion of his schooling and military service, he began his pursuit of an acting career, first in summer stock, then as a dancer on Broadway, and then on to Hollywood to work as a stuntman in a series of swashbuckling films where he excelled as a fencer.

            His pursuit of an acting career took him back to Rome, then on to Israel, Yugoslavia, Spain and Germany.  Between acting jobs, he learned to cope with three months of seasickness as a member of the crew of a fishing boat on the Mediterranean Sea, spent eleven months as a cowboy with terminal saddle sores as he pushed two hundred head of cattle along the Jordanian border of Israel, worked as a “shomer” (guard) carrying a rifle for a surveying team in the Negev Desert, survived five weeks in a coma after being shot while taking photos of Arab installations on the Golan Heights, and worked as a photo-journalist for Globe International out of Rome.  His adventures as a gold smuggler took him to far off places such as Teheran, Cairo, Karachi, Kabul, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

            Hired by the director, John Sturges, as a featured player in his film, The Great Escape, Lawrence eventually returned to the States where he cashed in on the success of that film.  Over the next few years he was featured or starred in over 200 television episodes and twenty-five films.  He claims that he is best remembered for the two roles he created in the original Star Trek series: DECIUS in Balance of Terror and STONN in Amok Time.

             While appearing as an actor in the Disney adventure, Escape to Witch Mountain, he sold that company his original story about the adventures of a group of Northern children and their attempt to escape from the South during the Civil War. He was hired to write the screenplay and served as assistant to the producer for his film, The Million Dollar Dixie Deliverance

            Throughout his career his curiosity for books and learning rewarded his academic pursuits with a master’s degree and he eventually gained employment as an associate professor at North Texas State University.

            Throughout his travels he managed to experience the bliss of five marriages (and four divorces) and a plethora of romantic interludes.

            A VULCAN ODYSSEY is an irreverent and accurate account of a man who lived his life as if he was pursued by fire-brandishing demons, but took time out along the way to smell the flowers and appreciate the wonders of animals.