The Great Escape

Filmed on location in Germany in 1962. Directed by John Sturges.

From left to right:
John Sturges (director), Charles Bronson, John Leyton, James Coburn, and Lawrence Montaigne as Haynes.

From left to right:
Lawrence Montaigne as Haynes, Tom Adams as Nimmo and James Coburn.

From left to right:
Johnny Leyton, Lawrence Montaigne and James Coburn

The killing of Ives as he attempts to climb the wire brings out the entire camp.

The mock fight over a jacket between James Coburn and me is to set up the escape for Charles Bronson and Johnny Leyton.

Gordon Jackson tests my German

Jackson tricks me into speaking English. "That's how you're going to get caught," he warns me.

The captured prisoners are given a break to stretch their legs. All fifty are shot to death.