Montaigne on Television


Lawrence has made over 200 guest starring appearances on television shows throughout his career.

Star Trek


Amok Time

Lawrence Montaigne as Stonn

Uhura and Stonn in OF GODS AND MEN 



Balance of Terror

Lawrence as Decius in the Star Trek episode "Balance of Terror"


Hogan's Heroes

Sgt Steinfeld in the Hogan's Heroes episode "Go Light on the Heavy Water"
seen here with Richard Dawson as Newkirk



As a German U-Boat officer in 1965 series "Convoy".


City Beneath the Sea

Lawrence as Dr. Aguila in the un-sold TV Pilot, "City Beneath the Sea,"  for 20th Century Fox - 1970

Blue Light

Lawrence as a Nazi officer in the 1966 series "Blue Light" starring Robert Goulet.

Caesar Romero as The Joker and me as Mr. Glee in the series, Batman


The Ordeal of Dr.Mudd

Made for tv movie
starring Dennis Weaver
Lawrence Montaigne as Prosecutor
Savannah, Georgia 1980